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First and foremost I want to thank Gaile and Steve S. for their help in getting my account restored after being suspended for 19 days.

I am really happy to have my account back. But I feel as though I will never be able to immerse myself into the game like I did once before. In fact I feel rather discouraged about even starting to play again. This has been the worst CS experience I have ever had in an MMO to date and I started playing/beta testing MMO’s since AC.

I was a loyal player. I never cheated/botted/RMT’d or anything. However I did buy gems one time and because I was lazy I chose to use the Paypal option. When I did this I paid using the wrong/invalid card on my paypal account (the card on file was no good/forgot to delete it). Even though it was an old inactive card on file with paypal the transaction still went through just fine. I was not alerted to any problems. Yes the error was on my end. But it wasn’t intentional it was an honest mistake.

- You guys need more agents.

- Your customers are not criminals. Please try to realize that people make mistakes. Human error if you will.

- In the 19 days that I sat wondering why I got banned it wasn’t until my account was released that I got a clear answer about what my ‘crime’ was. I urge you to re-evaluate this system. Why couldn’t I have just gotten an automated e-mail saying why? I didn’t even know I was suspended until I tried to login on the day before Thanksgiving. Please work on your communication system.

- Players are having to get other people to post their issues for them because they are banned from participating in the 3 day or older thread which is posted in these very forums. Why not restrict posting privileges to the account issues sub-forum? Again this ties into communication.

- Do not process large batches of charges before major holidays when companies are closed. A lot of players seemed to get hit around thanksgiving. This really sucked. I do not know the specifics about how you run charges. However I can attest to the fact that I bought the gems way way way before my account had action taken against it.

- Give us a chance to rectify the mistake. In my case I would have gladly given a different card to you guys. Why are charges going through instead of being rejected? If I went to a store and tried to buy something for 10$ with an inactive card they would tell me on the spot. I am used to paying 15$ a month for an MMO subscription. Do you really think I would jeopardize my account over 10$’s worth of gems?

- I kinda felt threatened by the final communication I received. “I must make you aware, however, any future claims of unauthorized payment method usage reported in relation to this account will result in the account becoming permanently closed and ineligible to be reopened.”.

Like WTF? It is not like I did this on purpose. This was an honest mistake. These kinds of blanket responses/acquisitions discourage me from ever buying gems again (even if I decide to play again).


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I understand your concerns, and I agree that our communications on the delicate issue of “fraud” as opposed to true fraud need improvement. There are many levels at which at transaction can be stopped, but I feel that when we are the ones stopping the completion of a transaction — as opposed to a CC company, a bank, etc. — we should use different messaging to communicate with our players.

I will share your thoughts with the team.