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The free upgrade to digital deluxe finally sold my brother on the game. Only one problem, your store is broken.

It let him fill out the purchase forms, but told him at the end that his credit card authorization failed. He called his bank, and they did refuse the charge because they suspected fraud. He told them to allow the purchase, they said they would, and told him to try again. He tried again, authorization failed. He still had his credit card folks on the phone at the time, and they said it must be on Arenanet’s end.

I tried ordering for him, using his email and my card. Authorization failed.

He set up Paypal to try buying the game that way. There was a problem authorizing your request. Please contact support.

After an hour or so of trying to give you his money, he gave up and left.

What gives? He doesn’t want to go buy a physical copy, as he’d miss out on the promotion that finally convinced him to try the game in the first place. I guess I see his point. I’m sure he’s not the only customer you’ve lost….

Now the conversation is:

Me: No, it’s a really good game.
Him: If they can’t even manage to process a payment, how good could it be?
Me: I never had a single problem.
Him: Maybe they just don’t want my business.
Me: Um… Well… It really is a good game…

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The fraud prevention system can be difficult, and I’m sorry you and your brother are having this issue. I just really believe we can make this purchase go through, so please contact Support by filing a ticket through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page. They will be able to assist you. For tips on what information to provide in a ticket, please read this post.