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The other thread was closed before I could ask – it was talking about kitten being a replacement for a swear word.

However I have seen it used in lots and lots of other contexts and so I am confused to the definition.

Maybe nobody knows – which would be typical of kids today i guess. Just one example in the context of talking about the guardian healer role someone said

“It so perfectly melds role of protector with a level in kitten”

Now come on that cant be a swear word I think.

Edit, another example talking about end game

“If I were you, I would continue to have kittenn and not worry about what level you are or how soon you will get there.”

Ok so he misspelled it but again either kids have the worse possible grammar or kitten is just thrown around without anyone knowing what it means.

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Now that the answer has been given by TabMorte, I will close this thread.

Thank you.