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So earlier today our server, Borlis Pass, got completely overrun in EB by Anvil Rock folks who were just appearing inside forts. No mesmers involved so it wasn’t that. Me and a few other folks were inside a fort when all of the sudden about 15 people from the same guild popped up directly next to us INSIDE the for and took it from the inside. I also saw a few people running about a million miles an hour in golems. Any other servers seeing more of this?

Also I did some looking into it via “The Google”. There are programs out there that are allowing people to do exactly the kind of crap I’ve described. I’m not naming them because that’s just stupid and I don’t want to give anyone ideas.

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As Raenen stated, if you witness behaviors that could be assimilated to hack, please use our in game report tool or send a request to our customer support with all necessary details.

Thank you for your help!