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Regional FlagReverting this "Culling Update"?Source
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This last attempt at a culling fix has made things exponentially worse, is there a way you can QA this stuff before it hits the live servers?

At least revert it while attempting a new fix, and roll them out over time, but if they really do break things further, please undo the changes.

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The current plan is for this test to run through the end of the current matchup. At that time we’ll go back to the previous culling setup. Please note that this is a trial of an interim change to culling. We are at work on a more comprehensive solution and that effort has not been impacted by this test. The point of the test was to determine if the community would prefer the new method while waiting for the more comprehensive fix. More details about the change can be found in the “New Culling Trial” thread which will remain stickied for the duration of the test.