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For one reason or an other I can’t reply on the “official” post of the dc; so to make sure that I made my unfortunate experience known … in the event of a fix

Same thing happened to me; dc and not able to reconnect in time. Went to bed; came back … you never know … but at around 12.45 pm event was over and no chest left

My guildie however sad that just after I left … voluntary this time… The one time event started again…apparently So over those few hours I … as many others … missed out on 2 20 slot bags and other goods

Accidents however can happen & the problem is more of a completionalist than anything else… but still its fun to have something of an event that you keep on to … like the Mad king memoires.

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Hello there.

Lord Blizzards, we are glad to read it. Thanks for letting us know.