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Can anyone offer me some advice on the Norn personal story mission Preserving the Balance? (It’s the level 19 mission in the Lost Heirloom branch if you opted to destroy Romke’s horn.) I’m playing a Guardian and I’m above the recommended level.

I’ve tried this mission several times, and I always end up at an impasse at the same place.

Everything goes fine until I get to the “Destroy the corrupted Kodan” step. I can’t seem to progress farther than that. The problem is that they won’t pull away from the group, so as soon as I get into range to do any damage, they all just swarm me. I usually only get in a hit or two before I’m downed, and I can’t even seem to pick them off one at a time because they kill me too fast, and by the time I run back from the checkpoint they’ve totally regenerated any damage I did.

The friendly Kodan NPC follows me into the melee but won’t fight, she just stands there. I’ve tried pulling the corrupted Kodan down to Eir and Garm (who just stand there further down the path) but the mob leashes closer to the buildings than that and won’t follow me far enough that I could be helped by the other NPCs. So basically, it’s five against one, and I just end up with broken armour.

I’m sure this is possible to complete, but if you have any advice (that’s more specific than just L2P) I’d appreciate it.

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Hello everyone.

Anakita, we are glad you found a way through. As you have succeeded with this issue, we proceed to close the thread. Thanks for your suggestion, histerico!