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Here are a few I thought need help. Curious what other Engineer think about traits.

List: http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/List_of_engineer_traits

Acidic Elixirs – Thrown elixirs cause damage when they land.
Terrible damage and generally useless trait. As you want to toss your elixirs on yourself or allies never the enemy.

Reserve Mines – Release a number of timed mines when your health reaches 25%
Never see these go off, but its a free trait think its radius is bugged like other bombs/mines currently. Enemy has to literally walk on top of it to go off. Would like 2 see these become more useful in the future.

Fireforged Trigger – Flamethrower and elixir gun skills recharge 20% faster.
Personally dont think E-gun -cd should be this far in the firearms tree. It seems better fit for inventions. This more of a consequence of Flamethrower and E-gun being grouped together. As a result, if you grab all E-gun related traits. You wont be able to get more then 20 pts in inventions

Explosive Descent – Release a barrage of grenades when you take falling damage. Take 50% less damage from falling.
The barrage of grenades is useless compared to what other classes get but hey its a fall trait so doesnt matter much

Metal Plating - Reduces damage dealt to turrets by 30%.
I think buffing this trait to say 50% is the key to making turret builds viable. Another idea give turrets better base stats without traits. As it stands now they take massive amount of damage. Although Im more a fan of making turrets more useful if specced into them.

Stabilized Armor – You take 5% less damage when your endurance is full.
I think it should be when endurance is not full.

Power Shoes – 10% faster movement speed in combat.
This trait should give more movement speed for a master trait. Also seeing as u can get perma swiftness with the tools adept trait. Heck even the 75% drink elixir B trait for 5 trait pts is better.

Autotool Installation – Turrets are self-repairing.
This is another trait that if buffed correctly can make turrets builds more viable. The current heal on it is pretty bad. Well so is all the ways you can heal turrets. Toolkit I’m looking at you.

Rifled Turret Barrels – Turrets deal 15% more damage and have a longer attack range.
Yet another trait that can help turret viability. Well lts get the longer attack range bug fixed first. Maybe increase the bonus turret damage aswell. (33%?) It is a grandmaster trait.. Compare this to Grenader.

Acidic Coating – 20% chance to cause poison for 5 seconds when struck with a melee attack. This effect cannot trigger more than once every 10 seconds.
This has to be the one of the most useless trait, Ive ever seen. The odds you get struct by a melee attack… then within those odds you get a 20% chance… then the 10 second cd…. This trait needs alot of help idk where to begin

Always Prepared – Drop bandages and a flamethrower or elixir gun when downed.
I like this trait but I would replace the flamethrower with Medkit. No one wants a flamethrower when downed.

Leg Mods – Move 10% faster while using an unarmed kit.
Same deal with Power shoes this trait needs to be better for a Master trait. Seeing as how good speedy kits is in the same tree. There is never a time where you should have this trait. Probally should be removed. inb4 strawman arguement about ppl who cant press 2 buttons.

Armor Mods – Gain 5 seconds of retaliation when critically hit. 25 second recharge.
I would increase the duration or reduce the recharge a bit.

Adrenal Implant – 50% faster endurance regeneration.
Since this trait doesnt stack with vigor and you can get perma vigor from 10 pts in tools and alchemy. I think this trait should be buffed to atleast 75%. Its a Grandmaster trait after all.

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HGH should also be on this list. It’d make a decent master trait but where it stands, it’s not that good.

Lucky for you we agree. There is an improvement for this trait coming on the 14th.