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I wrote an ticket to the support team saying:

Is there anyway you can help us? What happend is are guild leader is having some real life problems with his wife, who has gained access to his account and started destorying our guild, first it was our website and yesterday the in-game guild. She kicked nearly everyone out of it and said that thier never going to play the game again. So you see are dilemma we are in, that we put all that time in to the guild for the upgrades and stuff but luckly she left an friend of their in the guild alone who was an officer, who saved the guild bank stuff for us. Is there an way you could make him (…) guild leader so he can kick the other guild leader (….) out?

If you look at the guild history you will see about 18 people all got kicked out at the same time.
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Please please is there anyway you can help us??

and this is what i got back from support…


While we’d like to be able to provide specific answers to every gameplay question, there are so many different elements in the game that it’s not always possible for us to do so. I recommend taking a look at the Guild Wars 2 Wiki (http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Main_Page). This exceptional source of information about the game is hosted by ArenaNet, and the constantly growing content is created and maintained by the Guild Wars 2 community. You’ll often be able to find out what you need to know there.

You might also want to browse or post in the Players Helping Players section of the official Guild Wars 2 forums (https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/game/players). One of your fellow players may be able to answer your question, or you may find an existing thread or two on the subject of interest.

[GM] Wrekk
The Guild Wars Support Team

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how on earth did this help me? how can the players help when the only people who can is the support team and if there nothing they can do then please tell me. Q_Q

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This is not an account issue, nor is it a matter in which our CS Team would get involved. We call these “guild political issues” and these are considered pretty much personal and private. It’s aggravating that one person is doing this, I know. But it would be impractical for our team to try to research such matters, learn who is the “guilty party,” take action that, surely, will be protested by others, etc., etc.

That is why we have a “hands off” attitude about guild leadership and other internal guild issues, aside from reportable problems such as harassment, offensive chat, etc.

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fair enough that all I needed to hear thank you for getting back to me.

You’re welcome. I wish we could help more, but it’s proved to be ineffective, time consuming, and generally unproductive to get involved in these issues. Best for the guild to sort it out privately.