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So I hadn’t gotten around to doing the whole fractal dungeon thing until a few weeks ago when I decided to give it a go. All was going relatively well (even the horrible horrible jungle section) until the last fractal. It was at the last boss and right before it I disconnect (Comcastic!).

No big deal, right? I’ll just rejoin them like in any other dungeon.

Not so much. I was teleported outside Lion’s Arch when I re-logged and could not rejoin my party, which naturally caused them to wipe. Waste of the precious few hours I have to play this game.

I’m sure there is probably another topic about this, I just haven’t bothered to find it yet. Has it been fixed? Is it GOING to be fixed? I don’t wanna bother with FotM until either this is resolved or Comcast stops randomly kicking me off (much less likely).

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Then we proceed to close this one.