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Regional FlagDodge roll "randomly" fails [video included]Source
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Alternate title: “Dodge roll is interrupted by autoattacks”.

In normal play, it appears that the dodge roll randomly fails. When I say “fail”, I mean it consumes endurance and sometimes plays the roll animation, but does not provide the evasion or movement.

However, this bug is not random and I have precise reproduction steps. The issue is that when a dodge roll is activated at (almost) the same time as a particular skill in the autoattack chain, that skill interrupts the dodge roll.

I have directly reproduced this with warrior greatsword, warrior hammer, and ranger greatsword, with the third attack (of the #1 chain) in each case. I suspect the issue is more widespread than that, but this is all I know for certain. Here are example reproduction steps:

  1. Start autoattacking with one of the above weapons. Watch the cast bar.
  2. At the precise moment that the second attack ends and the third attack is beginning, hit your dodge key.

If timed right, this causes the dodge roll to end almost as soon as it begins.

Here is an example video.

In this video I try to dodge between the second and third attacks of the warrior greatsword autoattack chain. Endurance is consumed and the dodge roll animation starts to play, but the dodge is almost immediately interrupted by the third attack.

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Is everyone experiencing this using the dodge roll keybind, as opposed to double-tapping a movement key? We’re aware of a bug related to using the keybind, but if you’re not using that to dodge, it could be a separate bug.

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Good news: we have a potential fix for this issue in the next full update! Thank you for your patience, everyone!