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I spotted three threads that may be related, so I’m merging them and asking the Technical Support Team to take a look at this. They may ask you to run utilities or to provide logs — please help them out by doing those things, and if they prefer to work with you via tickets, do submit a ticket to try to get this resolved for you.

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Hi Warborn – First, I’d like for you to try updating your DirectX. The game client requires the latest DirectX 9 components; this is true even if you have DirectX 10 or higher already installed. Please follow the instructions at Microsoft’s web site to install the newest DirectX 9 update:


Please be sure to save the file to your Windows desktop. Then create a new folder on the desktop and extract the DirectX files into it. Once they have been extracted open the new folder and use the DXsetup file to install DirectX.

If that doesn’t work then I would deleting the local.dat file and repairing the client (navigate to Documents\Guild Wars 2).

Unfortunately there isn’t one set “fix” that will resolve this issue as it does seem to vary from player to player depending on their individual setups and when exactlty they experience the black screen.

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Hey guys, for those of you that are still experiencing this issue, there are a number of things that you can try in order to resolve this. Unfortunately this seems to be a case by case type of issue, although the following troubleshooting steps have resolved this issue for players:

- Clean installation of your video card drivers (may need to do this through a Third-Party application such as Driver Fusion)

- Update your version of DirectX

- Either disable SPI Firewall or bypass your router and connect directly to the modem

- In your Nvidia Control Panel or Catalyst Control Center, set your Anti-Aliasing settings to “Application Controlled.”

- Delete the local.dat file and follow with a repair of the game client.

- Re-seat your graphics card (remove the card and put it firmly back into place)

Beyond this, I would recommend creating a support ticket so that our technical support department can further assist you one on one.

Hope this helps!