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Regional FlagGame Freezes since 11/15 Lost Shores releaseSource
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Hi gang,

Since the Lost Shores event, I’ve had nothing but freezes. (I’ve even purchased a new video card, as seen in the log)

This happens very regularly in wvwvw and less frequently in pve environments.

Can anyone provide me with a direction I can look at into resolving this?

Much appreciated!

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Hi Paximus – I’m not seeing anything in the crash report that would explain why you’re experiencing this issue, and so I’d like to collect a Game Advisor report so I can look into why you might be experiencing this crash. You can download the Game Advisor application at the link below:


Please note that you will be automatically prompted to install Game Advisor upon clicking the link. Once you’ve generated the report, you can attach it to this thread by clicking “More posting & formatting options…”