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Hi there, today I got an email telling me someone from China has attempted to log in to my account and asked me if I wanted to authorize it. Here’s the mail I recieved:

A log-in attempt from the following location is currently awaiting your authorization.

City: Baicheng
Region: 05
Country: CN

This location is approximated based on information provided by your Internet Service Provider. If in doubt, deny the request and try again.

If you are certain this log-in attempt was not made by you, then someone else knows your log-in credentials and you should change your password immediately via Account Management.

For security purposes, we alert you each time your account is accessed from an unrecognized location. To authenticate this log-in attempt, please click the link below:

I just changed my password and logged in to see if anything was missing; luckily all of my belongings were still there. I wanted to know if there’s anything else I should do.

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Please report these issues to Support — as I note most of you are doing — and update your ticket to discuss the issue with them.