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Not sure if this is the correct forum or not. I just got the game tonight. I have several real life friends that play on the Crystal Desert server. I tried to make a character on that server but says that it is full and won’t let me join. How am I suppose to play with my friends? I really want to jump in game I have been really wanting to get but now I get it and won’t let me play with my friends. I don’t want to join another server as main reason for getting game was to team up with my buddies. Anyone know how I can get onto their server?


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Hello to both of you.

We understand how frustrating the situation is but there is no way you can do anything to get inside the server you want, apart from checking that server in different moments of the day. The fluctuation and movement of people changes sometimes the server from being FULL to being HIGH and then you can proceed to move in. It can take time and patience but in the forums you can find people who successfully made the jump so, well, it is possible.

We proceed now to close the thread.
Thanks for your understanding.