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This technically doesn’t go under the “bug” sub-forums, so I have no idea where else to put it but here. My apologies if this is also the wrong spot to ask.

Has anybody else noticed bots spawning on top of resource nodes, gathering them immediately, and then either teleporting away or despawning the second they’re done? I’ve been away from GW2 for about a month now, and just came back. Before I left, I never noticed a single instance of this. Today, I saw this happen three times in as many hours.

Usually I’d just report them and be on my way without going on the forums at all. The problem is that by the time I even notice what they’re doing, they despawn too quickly to get a report off. How would other people go about trying to report them?

So…am I going crazy with a bad internet connection, or this a new development? For that matter, has this been reported multiple times already?

Thanks for any replies!

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Hello everybody.

Takerukun, this thread appears from time to time in the forums. It is already known and the team is aware of this. Of course we understand that it is harder to report in such circumstances but you can keep on trying nevertheless; if the in-game reporting tools are not good enough for this you can always send a screenshot attached to a ticket to Customer Support.

Thank you very much for all your reports. They are highly appreciated!