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Regional Flaghow does chill affect skill recharge exactly?Source
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is it that any skill used while chilled gets a full 66% recharge? or what i assume that recharging skills recharge at that rate during the chilled time only. and if that is the case, does it affect skills already on cd when the chill occurs?

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I believe it only affects the recharge rate. Meaning your cooldown doesn’t increase, a second just becomes 1.66 seconds.
So waiting for a 3 second cooldown with a 3 second chill on, will take you 1.66×3 seconds.
I might be wrong though.

I believe this is correct, but don’t quote me (I’d have to go check the maths). On a 3 second cooldown started at the exact same time as a 3 second chill, the the chill would end and leave the skill with 2 seconds left. The first 3 seconds to pass are recharging at 33% the rate, so only 1 second worth of time is cooled down, leaving 2 left after the chill is gone. Effectively turning the 3 second cd skill into a 5 second cd skill. However, you can’t always say that chill will add 1.66 * duration as cooldown to a skill because the skill may already be very close to finishing its cd. If this still isn’t clear or questionable, I can find some time to go dig into the code some more.