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When ever I try to run through this mission it glitches.
I see the first cut scene when traherne says that the eye of zhiatan in upon us. then i get 2 missions, kill the eye and take cover until traherne gives the order. the only green marker on my map is one over tegwin’s student ( i forget her name). nothing happens when I talk to any of the NPCs. so with this i decided to run towards the mirror, again nothing happens. i run opposite the mirror towards the back of the map to the North and when i approach a group of risen it triggers a “cut scene” where tegwin’s student is talking to the risen. saying she isnt afraid. How ever in most of these cut scences that do not have two people facing each other to talk there are no models. im not sure if there is supposed to be models or not but nothing loads.

also when i trigger the second cut scene a green circle appears on my map. I run to it but nothing happens. so i ventured further eventually rescuing the frog people and them joining my party. but i randomly beat a mission a did not have at that point. which was to rescue those frogs. so now i have 2 things crossed out on my quest list and two other things not crossed off. the things not crossed off are take cover and wait for the signal, and defeat the eye. there is a green marker by traherne and his group (who has not been following me) and another green circle where i mentioned before. at this point I can not advance any further.

please help

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Known bug, will be fixed in the Wintersday content update.