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While I understand that accidently sending mail to a person who picks it up and sells it/salvages it/ etc etc, cannot be returned —I accidently sent mail to a beta account of a friend of mine that he will never use again because he doesn’t know the password. So the mail is there, waiting to be picked up on that account, sent by me, but cannot be retrieved. Meaning the item exists (Which is an Orichalcum Amulet that cost him around 2-3gold) and hasn’t been taken by a stranger.

My question is why can’t this be returned? I get that destroyed or sold items cannot be tracked yet, but this item is still around, on an account that won’t be used.

I am confused. I sent a ticket in and was told it cannot be returned, but all it would take is to just enter that account and resend the mail… :/

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The response from the Support Team was accurate. We do not access player accounts (except in extraordinary circumstances and for specific reasons, which do not cover the area of your request).

We’re sorry that you mis-sent the mail but there isn’t a mean to correct this for you.