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Long story short: Selling high level weapons at wholesale price is how I make my living in this game. After trading my 200g Hammer “The Colossus” to what seemed to be a well mannered gentleman just a few minutes ago however (he was actually in a guild called Gentleman or something lol), he immideatley took the loot, switched to overflow server and blocked me…

Feeling hopeless for having good faith in our community, it leaves me wondering if there is even a fix to this issue? COD would be great but even still, do people who have this issue ever get their items back?

I submitted a report but the sum of which allows you to feel rather unsatisfied. “The Gm team MAY submit a review”?? To which his account MAY be banned? Just seems like a lot of work for a team that could be doing other things if we had a COD system in place. They could still tax it for a gold sink, just not as heavily.

Either way, that was my biggest sale and I guess its back down to my 20g bank account now… His name is King Xirax.2657 by the way so, watch out. He apparently does this often so Im hoping to find some justice on this forum.

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The Trading Post was implemented primarily to offer an efficient, broad, and safe means of trading. One of the primary benefits of using the provided system is the protection of players from scams, cheats, and abuse.

Players may elect to use other means to trade, but doing so is risky, and we are not able to offer to resolve disagreements related to private arrangements.