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My account is stolen, then BOTTING, you sent me the e-mail said that the third-party program, I really do not know where the problem is. I do this to re-install the system, to check my network, even uninstall the anti-virus software, but you are still very firm did not unlock my account, I send a message with the other account registration, you do not even reply to me.
I want to know how to unlock my account, my account name is JOSE JUAN.4308, it is my first account, this account is to write to you now I later purchased a second account.
You have blocked my account a month, and still did not deal with the problem, and I hope you will reply timely, and problem-solving

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It seems that you do have a support ticket, or several support tickets, active with the team. Please continue to discuss this issue with the agent involved in your ticket, and he or she will work to the best possible resolution.