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I understand that A.net needs to make its money and i get that but the prices of gems are just borderline ridiculous. right now its going to cost me 10+ gold or so to get another bank tab. I am really glad i purchased one early on but now I find myself almost handicapped in game because I cannot spare the money to purchase gems and I shouldn’t have to purchase gems things like this. this is extremely intimidating for new players aswell. They are going to start off by making only copper and silver and by the time they hit 1 gold its going to be worth like 10 gems. Something has to be done about the price of gold to gems.

I suggest making gems to gold and gold to gems even. It harms absolutely no one except for the person who chooses to buy their way through this game

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Hi everyone,

As this thread is turning into a conspiracy one, i’ll now close it.

Also, please keep in mind that every topic has to be discussed in a constructive way, which is clearly not the case here.

Thank you for your understanding.