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A little while back, I apparently got infracted for “lying”. I got a lovely pm from a nameless moderater accusing me of posting “falsehood”, which included an e-mail address ([email protected]) to contact if I wanted to contest the said infraction.

Well, Yes, I most definately DID want to contest the infraction, as under NO CIRCUMSTANCES did I EVER lie, in ANY of my posts. So I wrote to the specified e-mail address informing the CS team that I wanted to contest my infraction. So far, (it’s been 1 week), and I’ve not heard anything in reply.

Was my infraction investigated? Was it recinded? Was it upheld? I have no idea… and I still have no idea what apparently I lied about (my infracted post was informing a user, that Anet would very probably lock their new thread, as Anet had already locked their previous thread on the very same subject).

Is it normal, not to hear the outcome of any infraction investigation request? If not, why haven’t I heard anything back, if it is, how am I supposed to know the outcome?

Sorry if this is the wrong place, but replying again to the e-mail address doesn’t seem to the way forward as I’ve already waited a week so far, to not hear anything about the last e-mail I sent to that address. Also this appears to be the most appropiate forum, as it is about a support issue.

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This is decidedly not an account issue, so I really don’t know what to tell you but this isn’t the sub-forum for such a post. Sorry.