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This is one of the many reasons why I’m quitting this game, it is by no means fun to kill your enemy only to have them downed when your trying to fight 2-3 players. It makes it almost impossible to win a 2v1 or its just down right annoying trying to stomp someone when you have other people beating on you. I really don’t get why downed state is in PvP its just one of the many annoyances in this game. Imho it ruins PvP for me all I think about when I’m about to kill someone in PvP is “OHH can’t wait till they go in downed state so i can get 90% in the stomp animation to have them Blink away or to have them cancel my animation, sooo FUN”

Every other mmo’s PvP is just fine and the players actually die when you “kill” them, but here, nope. Sorry you gotta spend an extra 10-20 seconds to stomp this player after you have already defeated them.

EDIT: Stop with the posts that say “oh your quiting cause of one thing, how childish” NO I am quitting due to a majority of things. Says right there in the first sentence people.

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Hello everyone.

Threads created for the sake of complaining do not offer really any grounds for discussion. Besides, this thread has already attracted off-topic posts. If you see fit to make a suggestion in the Suggestions subforum, you are very welcome to do so. In the meantime, we proceed to close the thread.

Thank you very much for your understanding.