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I am finding that the pvp section of the game is becoming rampant with speed hacks, aim bots, damage mods and other hacks that are the bane of all MMO pvp games… I am wondering if the developers have any plans on implementing any anti cheat software such as punk-buster … this would also most likely take care of the botting problem as well. I know that people will say this is sour grapes, but it is not… when you are one shotted repeatedly by ONE player time and again (and not in group combat) and you cant even get off one block or offensive hit, or defensive ability .. there is something not right in the mix.. I am not the best pvp player, but I do know when there is something not right with the game mechanics. This is something the developers should seriously consider.

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Hello everyone.

Thanks for posting. The team is aware of the different issues that the game is experiencing thanks to the constant reports of the community (highly appreciated!); rest assured that they are working on them to offer you the best gaming experience. We will pass on this feedback to them but we also ask for a little bit more of patience.

We proceed to close the thread now.
Thanks for your understanding.