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Mace Fist Mojo.9083
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Anyone else get a random name change? I assume mine was for being inappropriate. (old name was MajesticMofo)

I didn’t get an email or anything saying “Hey we changed your name because it offended people” etc

That normal for them to change the forum name with no questions? I thought I was hacked at first since this name sounds strange lol.

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Hello Mace Fist Mojo.9083,

your name was changed because MajesticMofo was considered inappropriate and a violation of the code of conduct, with “mofo” being short for… I guess you know…
It’s good to hear that the new name grew on you and we apologize for the confusion.

This thread is closed, because a decision of the moderators is discussed here. If you need more feedback regarding this decision, you may contact [email protected]
Thank you for your understanding.