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My name is Nathan, I’ve played since beta on Desolation, I run a guild called Going Postal and as such I do things like recruit, stand around chatting with my guild and sometimes trade and help guildies with items/gold. As a result I sometimes get hit with a ban for what I assume is a false positive.

This happened when I first started playing, which left me out of my account for five days because support sent me the wrong password after they reset it and treated me like I’d been hacked.

However it happened yet again Sunday, same reason again, my account has not been hacked, I was online and poof! Banned. I’ve been mailing support but after speaking to around 5 people who again treat me like I’ve been hacked, I sent my ID invoice three days ago and still no reply.

Don’t want to sound like a drama queen and I don’t think I should come first – but missing the Christmas event and not being to organize a 280 man guild is very, well, upsetting.

Also I’d like to add this is an issue, and it’s also frustrating for me that support can’t seem to investigate when I contact them. Both times now I get standard you been hacked responses instead of checking the evidence against my account which would illustrate while my activity make look a little odd it’s just me doing guild stuff. Basically it would be awesome if next time you could just check before banning me

Again, not a rage, still sitting on my hands hoping I get a response soon!

Thanks !

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Hello there, Going Postal.

We understand of course the situation you are in but you need to give Customer Support a little bit of time till they deal with and resolve your issue. If you have been waiting more than three days, please, post your incidence number in the following thread and the issue will be looked into.

Thanks for your patience.

EDIT: Nice to hear then!!