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As much as I hate to reiterate this topic, I feel like nightcapping is ruining wvw matches. This is FA’s nth week against TC, and most nights it’s this same issue (see image). Instead of fighting for first, CD and FA are fighting for second because it’s impossible to reach first when the nightly difference in points is over 400. There’s no possibly to make up that 400 difference in night, so servers in this dilemma have no chance to have a “fair” fight.

I don’t know what could fix this issue because telling players whom can only play at night that their time is not as worthy as daytime players sucks. But, in this current situation, day time players’ time isn’t as valuable as a nightly players’ time.

One idea that I did have was to have a neutral party (maybe skritt or centuar) capture towers/camps if there is a giant gap. Then, nightly players would have an opponent to fight against, while servers with small night presence wouldn’t be all capped in the morning.

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Hello everyone.

This subforum has already a bigger thread about the nightcapping issue so we are proceeding to close this and ask you to keep on your discussions in the following one. In this way it is easier for the devs to get your feedback.

Thank you very much for your collaboration.