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I can’t log onto my support account from Vietnam. However I can log from my working place (using a European proxy).

Do you block every one from Asia?

Moreover, every time I like to spend my money on your store, I have to ask for permission and it’s for 24h only? Is it just because my credit card is from Asia so I’m suspected?

Please help!

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No we do not block folks from playing from Asia. I wonder if your ISP has some sort of restriction in place, since you can log into the account from a different location. I truly believe that we are not preventing your connection.

There are a lot of different elements of a purchaser and a credit card that can require us to open a 24-hour window for purchasing opportunities. We don’t like it any more than you do! However, it’s something we are required to do because of restrictions from credit card carriers or financial institutions, because specific details on a card raise a question about its validity, because the card was used in a previous transaction with which there were difficulties, and so forth.

Thank you for understanding, and for working with us to enable you to make your purchases. We sincerely appreciate your patience and your support of our game!