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I added the Google Authenticator to my GW2 account about 2-3 weeks ago when a lot of people apparently were having their accounts hacked/stolen.
Every time I have ever started up the game the game browser has needed me to put in my MA 6 digit code to log in but today it’s not showing up in the game browser.
It’s acting as if I don’t have the MA attached to my account but when I still go to my account settings from this website it says its attached and gives me the option to un-attach it.
Should I be worried my account is in jeopardy?
Was there an update today/last night that messed this up and more people are having this problem?
IDK, just wanted to put this out to the community to see if it is just me, and yes i’m going to file a report just wanted the DEV’s to know of the problem in case it is happening to more people then just me.

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Once you authorize an IP, the authenticator won’t ask you to authorize it again. I suspect you have a dynamic IP and that you were asked to authorize several different ones, but once that was done, you are good to go on those. (That is, the one you’re logging on from today is already on the list.)