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I understand putting incentives in periodically to get people to join a game, or come back to a game, but this has passed the point of overkill.

What logical reason should I have paid $50 for a game at release when only a few months later I could buy the game for $35 with digital upgrades in game plus a digital item not available to current players. I feel anyone that bought digital deluxe version at release got cheated even more.

Does NCSoft have a good reason for slapping every single gamer that joined the guild wars 2 community before now? I already was upset with the game and tried to get a refund from Lost Shores event, but now this promotion is going on. Is there any reason you can give for hating your own current customers so much to gain new customers?

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When you buy jeans, and the store puts them on sale the next month, do you accuse them of “hating” you? Is that “slapping every single” shopper?

Every seller of any kind of merchandise — from games to jeans to automobiles to burgers — runs limited-time promotions. Those who purchased three months ago had the advantage of playing the game for three months, of leveling characters, of attending the Halloween and Lost Shores event, getting more drops, earning more gold, maybe getting early access or special items with the release products… and on and on. Those coming along later will never be able to go back in time to do those things.

So while I understand you would like to have the lower price, I think you should recognize that you have gained advantages with your earlier purchase.