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So, She was selling keys for a few hours after the patch hit, and ithought to myself
“Hey this is a perfect chance to get keys!”. To my surprise i forged about 350 Commendation Chests (opened 150 ish of them) to find out, the npc says “This content is currently disabled. Please try again later.” I literally missed the chance to get a decent amount of keys. Soo now I have my alt with every item slot filledwith 250 commendations x_x. Really bad luck on my part.

Is there any way this npc is going to resell keys in the near future?

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Hello everyone.

As Laethan correctly mentions, you need to check the recent patch notes. I am copying and pasting here the specific information:

  • Commendation vendor Lionguard Lyns is restocking her goods and is not accepting commendations at this time. She will begin accepting commendations again soon.