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What happened to the planned Mobile App Anet talked so passionately about pre-release?

I realize they said it wouldn’t be available immediately upon release, but it has been 3, almost 4 months. I don’t want them to rush it, they can take all the time they need to develop a stellar app, I just want to hear from them as to whats happening/planned.

It’d be great to get an official response from Anet about the ETA on the app.

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Hello to both of you.

Bengt, we understand that the waiting can sometimes be pretty frustrating, specially if you are looking forward to this implementation. However, I am afraid to tell you that we simply cannot provide an ETA for this at the moment. Rest assured though that we will use our official channels to inform you, should we have an update about the feature coming.

Thanks for all your patience, it´s greatly appreciated.