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I have 2 accounts. Around or on Oct. 3-6th both of them stopped working with the “authenticate email” setup. It took about a week to get the primary account unlocked. I kept trying to get into the second account but still cannot. I opened a new ticket this week trying to get the secondary account unlocked or opened back up. I do not believe I was hacked. The secondary account Valis.1073 hasn’t worked since the original ticket from the first of October. I provided as much information as I could when I created the original ticket, then for the second ticket this week and was again asked for the same information + more that I probably cannot provide (serials for original GW1 expansions, etc… ). I have asked for a phone number to call as well as provided my work number and home number to be contacted so that I can provide the credit card on file etc. to unlock it. I have not gotten an update in 2 days on the most recent ticket (the one from October was closed I think).

I’m really … aggravated is an understatement as I think I’ve been very patient… at this point because it looks like many problems for others are being resolved in a day or two (at least here). I cannot fix this myself as I have tried. Again, this is the same problem as in October.. same information for this ticket as the previous one except only the Valis.1073 account is still locked out.
Gaile.. someone, please help me out.

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Hello Eslayel,

thanks for letting us know. Merry Christmas to you as well!