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Phantasmal Mariner: This phantasm now attacks more often, but does damage in line with its attack rate.
Illusionary Whaler: This phantasm now attacks more often, and now does a reasonable amount of damage.
Phantasms now initiate combat after .25 seconds instead of one second.
Feigned Surge: This skill is now a leap finisher.
Vortex: This skill now does pulsing damage after it is created, and is also an ethereal field.
Jab: Increased damage by 12.5%.
Evasive Strike: Increased damage by 25%.
Spinning Revenge: Recharge reduced from 15 to 12 seconds, and is also a whirl finisher.
Signet of Inspiration: Increased swiftness duration from five to ten seconds. This passive effect now works outside of combat.
Deception: Clones that use Winds of Chaos will now fire their projectile in a straight line, just as the mesmer’s Winds of Chaos does.
Decreased all Mantra cast times by one second.
Shattered Strength: Increased to three stacks of might and ten second duration.
Prismatic Understanding: No longer affects the Prestige. Now grants a random defensive boon every three seconds while in stealth. (Protection, Aegis, or Regeneration)
Critical Infusion: Vigor duration increased to five seconds. This can only trigger once every five seconds.
Blade Training: This trait is now applied to off-hand sword skills.
Dazzling: Now inflicts five stacks of vulnerability for eight seconds.
Phantasmal Warlock: Damage now matches the tooltip.
Phantasmal Duelist: Damage now matches the tooltip. Increased damage to match the lost damage from a previous bug fix.
Phantasmal Berserker: Damage now matches the tooltip.
Phantasmal Mage: Damage now matches the tooltip.
Temporal Curtain: Increased swiftness duration to 12 seconds.

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I don’t get it. The new Prismatic Understanding is a great buff that would have given the extra push to use the torch over others in pve…and they decided to exclude it.

Even more buffs to shatter build. Looks like every mesmer will only be shattering now. Who can say no to 30~50 seconds of 3-stack might?
Underwater, signet, mantra buffs, blade training fix, all nice.

Prismatic boon part works with prestige, we just made it so the duration part doesn’t because a trait to increase cast time of that skill would be bad. Sorry unclear notes there. On the IZerker he does hit correctly now but there is an issue with damage floaters not always appearing the we are now trying to track down.