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Mr. Lewis recently wrote that bot reports have dropped dramatically due to his team’s diligent efforts. I have indeed seen fewer traditional bots so thank you for the good work.

However, anyone who plays this game knows that the bots that remain have adapted by running gathering node teleport hacks. They are everywhere. They are impossible to report because they disappear too quickly. So Mr. Lewis, you might not want to tout too proudly the reduced number of botting reports.

Can you modify the reporting feature so it does not cancel itself when a player is out of sight? This would allow your players to help you report this new strain of bots. Your report count will go back up dramatically and I certainly don’t want to rain on your parade but it is the right move for the long term health of the game.

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Hello everyone.

The team is fully aware of this new variant of bots thanks to the reports that you guys have sent us and we are also aware that they are much harder to report precisely because they disappear quite quickly. We will pass on the suggestions here made about the in-game reporting tools to the team.

In the meantime we remind you that you can use alternative methods: one would be to capture a screenshot and then send it to Customer Support through the ticketing system. The other valid one is what Elissa is describing; that also helps.

Also, we would like to remind you that the report of bots names and screenshots in the forum does not help us. Please, if you have captures and if you have names, then proceed to send them to Customer Support.

In any case, thank you very much for all your reports and your patience.
They are really appreciated!

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This seems like the most appropriate thread for this issue.

In addition to the teleporting nodehack bots, I’ve been seeing a lot of bots which log out the moment a player gets too close. I was able to trap one where every time it logged in, it logged right back out due to my presence. It appears that they log out as soon as a player gets within targeting range – meaning that they can sometimes be visible at a distance, but not targetable to right-click and report. You can’t access their player portraits either.

Amusingly enough, when they attempt to log back in, they detect players in proximity before they even visibly display in the world – you’ll see their bears pop into existence, and then vanish almost immediately, but you never see the player.

@CC Eva and/or any other ANet representatives – Any tips on how to report this one? The standard reporting feature is unusable in this case, and screenshots are equally problematic.

Blueshield, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I am pretty sure that the team already knows about this kind of bots but I will proceed to forward this info today in any case, to assure that it reaches them. I would just ask you to keep on trying to report them using the already existing tools, whenever this is possible (I know it isn´t).