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Fixed a bug where elementalists would not be attuned to any element, resulting in an empty skillbar.
Shocking Aura: This aura is no longer incorrectly considered a boon. The aura will no longer be affected by boon duration, but also cannot be ripped by boon removal skills.
Tidal Wave: This skill is now a leap finisher.
Ice Wall—Detonate: This skill is now a blast finisher.
Magma Orb: Damage is now split equally between the projectile and the explosion, instead of 2/3 explosion and 1/3 projectile. The total damage remains unchanged.
Boil: This skill is now a fire field.
Murky Water: This skill is now a smoke field.
Rock Blade: This skill is now a small projectile finisher. Bleeding duration has been increased from one to three seconds. Aftercast has been increased by 200 milliseconds.
Signet of Air: Increased the passive movement from 10% to 25%.
Soothing Wave: This trait has incorporated the benefits of the now-defunct Icy Mist.
Icy Mist: Replaced with Arcane Abatement. Take 50% less damage from falling. Create a spell when you take falling damage based on your attunement. Fire—Ring of Fire, water—Healing Wave, air—Static Field, and earth—Earthquake.
Arcane Resurrection: Applies auras for five seconds instead of 10. Now also increases revive speed by 10%.
Stone Splinters: Increased range from 300 to 600 units.
Bolt to the Heart: Increased health percent from 25 to 33.
Pyromancer’s Puissance: Increased might duration to 10 seconds.
Cantrip Mastery: This skill now works with Mist Form in PvE.
Trident: Rock Blade: This skill is no longer able to attack targets behind the player.
Mist Form: This skill now allows players to swap attunements while it is active, allowing glyphs to work in Mist Form.
Magnetic Grasp: This skill is now working as a leap finisher.
The Fireball tooltip has been updated to display the correct radius.

who cares about underwater combo-fields/finishers? underwater combat isnt that appealing infact i think its stupid and boring compared to the things you can do on land.

signet of air to 25% for what reason ? noone is going to use it Ele’s have perma swiftness and a kittenload of abilities to get around. (mb they shouldv increased the dmg so its actualy worth using)

50% falling traits are not worthless but not exciting either meh for this one
bolt to the heart 20 to 33% ,. idk if this will be very noticeable ,. especialy because you need 20 in air

same with pyromancers puissance, who’d go 30 fire? idk the use of this really.

ive never had any bugs with mist form or the traits that effect it so couldnt say anything about it ,.atunementswap and glyph using in mist form is awesome.

magnetic grasp was always a leap finisher for me and always worked,.

who uses fireball?

I think they could have done alot more with this patch ,.

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As we already have a thread gathering the feedback about the last update here, I will now close this one in order to avoid duplicates.

Thank you.