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So here is the way I look at it. Yesterday I was playing the game, and I came across a player named Ratchet The Tinker (My character’s name is Ratchet N Spank). I decided to tease him a little, as a joke of course, that I had my name before he made his. Well I’m guessing (only guessing…) that he took this to heart and reported my name, and had a few friends do it as well. Today I log in, and when I try logging in with my character, it says I have to rename my character? I don’t think it’s fair. It’s not a bad name in any way. I remember in GW1 I had to rename my characters on specific RP realms, but there is no such thing in GW2, so again, I don’t see why I have to change my name. A reply with an answer from staff would be greatly appreciated.

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Big thanks to all people who stated the right things to do in this thread.

If you wish to appeal a staff decision about name changing, you indeed have to submit a ticket of appeal.

As the ticket was submitted, I can only advise you to wait for an answer of our customer support.

I will now close this thread.