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1st path:
Usually before Howling King we skip most of the graveling mobs, but this resulted in Hodgins glitching after HK died to award us final 60 tokens + silver not even triggering (note: the 1st graveling burrow event was always skipped, but if we try to complete it, Hodgins will still glitch). So to “alleviate” the glitch we killed all of the gravelings and to no surprise Hodgins glitched again…..

2nd path: Killed everything and skipped the jellies (ooze) before the last Detha event to trigger, so all is well and it triggers then Detha went BACK to fight the ooze and comes back to “trigger” the event which already happened so it glitched out.

This happened to us 25 minutes ago (the reason why I am typing these bugs since it is the 3rd day in a ROW for this to happen, it demoralizes the party to even try path 3 [which isn’t glitched])

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Thanks for reporting those issues. Detha’s problem is certainly involved with the oozes and her scripting, and I will go in again to to try and tighten that up a bit. I’m considering just making it so that the gate won’t open until the oozes are dead because it sounds like problems are caused when trying to skip that mob.

I’ll look into Hodgin’s script for when he dies after beating the HK. So you killed him, and I take it he died before he started the cinematic? What specific actions (if you recall) happened? Was he just in combat with the Breeders when you killed HK, and he never did what he was supposed to?