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Just want to voice some of my opinions, you don’t have to agree with me. I just want to say that ANet is great and they have done a great job on Guild Wars 2. Some points I’d like to make:

ANet is not necessarily greedy. Some say that we are being “herded to the gem store,” for example, because we are unable to forge all five Wintersday toys. But why is this so bad? Yeah, it’s obvious that ANet wants money. Of course they do! Who doesn’t? If we weren’t motivated (I like the word “encouraged” better) as much as we are to buy gems, ANet would have smaller income, meaning a lower-quality game. If you think things are too expensive, then don’t buy it. Missing out on mini slots (or whatever else) is not the end of the world, it’s just a game. Again, wanting money is not necessarily greed.

ANet does pay heed to players. Why wouldn’t they? Some say that players are being treated disrespectfully. Why in all Earth and Tyria would they treat us that way? There is no point. They want to keep us happy, so we keep coming back to the game.

Yeah, the game has flaws, but ANet wants to fix them. Content updates are made, but I’ve seen someone make a point (I don’t feel like hunting down his name) that bug and problem fixers are a different group than the content team. Even if it was a wise choice (which I don’t think it is), ANet would not have the ability to focus all of their efforts on fixing current issues. It is simply inefficient, and impractical.

It sucks when people do not realize the hard work you’ve put into a game. I’ve read a few Q and A’s with game developers. Almost all of them say that you have to love what you do to be a game developer. I’m a beginning game developer myself, and I agree with that. I think the people at ANet love what they do. They want to bring the best quality game to the players, and they love doing it. Hard work is definitely put into this game, and game developers of the world will never have the correct appreciation shown toward their work.

If you read this, awesome. If you disagree, alright, but please be respectful in providing feedback.


LHound made another great point. ANet cannot please everyone.

Ascended gear. I know a lot of people hate it, because it forces you to FotM. But they have said that they don’t like this either, and that they want to make it attainable in other ways, too.

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Hello everyone,

the thread has been renamed because it included a call-out, also it was misleading since it sounded like it would be about a support message, which would be a violation of the Code of Conduct.