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Got an account for a family member for the Wintersday (AwwGee.7695) event and not 2 days later it’s been suspended for an account issue. It was the digital edition.

A ticket has been submitted, but the end of Tixx in Divinity’s reach is nearing and we don’t want to miss the reward and achievement (we can do gameplay on my account since it’s fine). [—-001:000305:32512—-]

In fact I’ve been falsely banned for botting before which is the main reason why I’m bringing this up on the forums – support takes forever to respond and sometimes it seems they don’t even bother reading through the ticket. My account was eventually restored, but I missed lost shores day 1. Sucked it up then but this is really frustrating.

That account can’t even use the forums.

Please fix this. I was even all optimistic on the event an what ArenaNet had been doing with patches, and this just makes me lose faith all over again.

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You should be able to replay all the different Tixx dungeons once he gets to LA. So it’s not a total loss.

I am sorry for the issue, but did want to point out that yes, you will be able to do all the dungeons in a few days.