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Regional Flaghacker log-in attempt, but can't deny accessSource
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I have an log-in attempt from someone in China

IP Address:
City: Xingtai
Region: 10
Country: CN

when I try deny access, I got a “Failure An error occurred with your request.” Is there a reason why I cannot deny access to the hacker that was attempting to get into my account? is it because the log in may be timed, and if access cant be granted in time, it doesn’t matter?

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Hey all. I talked to Mike, and he said this is a known issue. He’ll follow up to make sure this is on the “to be fixed” list. In the meantime, do be aware that if you do not accept the log-in attempt, that person won’t be able to get onto your account. (But again, we will add an “active decline” as soon as we can.)