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Hey all
The account of my friend got hacked and he was transferred to the server: Jade Sea and the email linked to his GW2 account also changed but he does have acces to his email which was linked to has GW2 account and when he tries to send a ticket he only gets auto mails back which doesn’t help at all. Does anyone know if there is a way to get his account back without the need of a email linked to his GW2 account or is there a way to reset it back to his ‘former’ email? He got all the information like serial code, character name which is Tenaciousblaze and account name which is Tenaciousblaze.3812 and all the other things.
Hope you can help me and thanks for the help.

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The Support Team can help him via a ticket filed through the “Ask a Question” tab on that linked page. He should contact from a safe, non-compromised email account, and provide sufficient information to establish that he is the account owner.

For tips on what information to provide in a ticket, please read this post.