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Been logged off (mostly) for a lil over a week, when I came on today, glanced in the guild bank, and it was empty. One guild member, who I havn’t seen logged in, ever, and don’t even remember him joining… Some how had high enough rank to withdraw all the guild vault stuff.
I looked in the log history, and could find no record of him joining or being ranked up.
He took out roughly 12G worth of stuff. So not the end of the world… but… How he got the rank is beyond me.

Then like I said, I havn’t seen him logged in since maybe the first week, so I’m betting his account was hacked in his absence. :\

Is there anything we can do to get our stuff back?

Or at least a complete record of guild history that we can download and search through, cause Like I said, there is no record of this guy joining or anything.

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I would like to know more, though. Have you submitted a ticket? Even if we cannot magically replace the stolen items, we would like to know about this person in order to check out his/her account and to possibly take action against the account if we can establish an cheating or exploiting incident.