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The new Greatsaw buzzing in-combat sound is driving me nuts. It’s much louder than other combat effects, really stands out, plays every 1-3 seconds and often glitches during big battles (sound stops for a while then plays for 1-2 seconds at really high speed). I tried lowering sound volume but constant zzzZZZzzz’ing is still the main thing I hear.
Not to mention that if I have 3 mesmer clones up, each with its own GS, I get 4x the same effect.

I understand that in theory a loudly buzzing big chainsaw sounds really cool. It IS cool for the first 10 minutes, but if it’s your main weapon, you’ll eventually get tired of it. I believe the legendary sword Bolt had a sound fix for the very same reason.

Please, ANet, revert this or at least bring the in-combat sound effect on par with out of combat. That pre-patch soft engine purring was perfect.

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Hey everybody, thanks for your input on this. The chainsaw sound was not intended to trigger as often or play as loud as it is currently. Apologies for the auditory discomfort. A fix is in the works and we will be addressing these issues in a future patch. Thanks for understanding.