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I’m purchasing three additional accounts, one for my spouse and each of my two kids, for Christmas. The price is right, and the interest is there, so I’m hoping they will come and join me in Tyria. Keeping in mind these will be four different serial codes, what would be the best way for me to register them?

- Should each be registered individually?
- Does each need a separate email address?
- Should they all be under my account somehow?

What family type options, if any, are there for registrations/accounts?

Thank you!

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First of all, thanks for your support of our game, and I’m just sure your family will love it!

Secondly, the answers are:

  • Each account must be registered individually, although if your children are minors and you prefer to register for them, you may do so. However, that means you’ll need multiple email accounts because…
  • Each account requires its own email address. (Fortunately, there are many secure places that offer free email accounts. Please do remember to use a unique, complex password for EACH account and encourage your children to keep that password absolutely secure, that is, to not reveal the password to their friends.)
  • We can’t put multiples under your account, they should be separate.

I hope this helps and thanks again!