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Hi all, I have an issue that i need assistance with.

The problem is with my brothers GW2 account. recently he got suspended due to someone possibly accessing his account. Contacted support got the problem fixed and then a couple days later his account was terminated for selling of in-game gold and what not. Once again contacted support and got the problem fixed.

We thought the problem was resolved but just three days later his account was once again terminated for the same reason even though he had the same amount of money and same items in game(checked once we resolved the issue again..). Unfortunately this termination/resolve continued for about 3-4 more times(each time was about 3 days after account was re-opened) in which we did thorough cleaning of the pc, changed the email associated to the account(brand new email) and reset all passwords. We also used the phone authenticator(which never once seemed to help and he had it since his account was fresh). With all said and done he had no issues for about a week.

Now after the last time he took a break from gaming to work on his school stuff and today we were going to get on together. Once he launched and updated GW2 he logged in and…yea terminated again.

We need help in resolving this issue. For this alone he is reluctant on getting this fixed because he thinks it will just continue to happen. I’m not giving in though. The only thing we did not do was a Windows reinstall and simply because its a pain as 5 other people (family) use the pc and have work related files on it. Is reinstalling the only thing we can do? All else seems to lead us back to the same problem.

Any help appreciated!

PS: we haven’t sent in a ticket for this time just yet. he even asked me about a refund lol( hes 14 so not a lot of money as is since he has no allowances sold cans and what not to purchase game.)

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I do think there is something compromised on your computer — a keylogger, in fact. And yes, a reinstall may be the only thing to do, but believe me, I DO understand the hesitation to wipe and reinstall, especially with multiple users!

Do you have the previous ticket numbers? I would like to see the sequence of events and notes on them and see what we can do to help. (And yep, I’m going to ask you to submit a ticket again, but if you’d rather wait, that’s fine.)

Check out several tips on security.

And for a detailed outline on the subject of security as it relates to Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2, please see Mike O’Brien’s article on account security.

And Gahzirra — we often see RMT access an account and do nothing (at first), just verify they can get access. It’s like one RMT system pings the account (usually using stolen password lists, as mentioned in the article above, but also using keyloggers), but it may take a while for an actual worker to strip the account.