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<em>“Free and Paid tournaments now have a new build-locking feature. When the countdown timer completes, players will no longer be able to change weapons, armor, skills, or traits until the match is over. This will prevent players from abusing build-swapping between fights.”</em>

As the title says, this new feature will just destroy the game as it is right now. There will be no room for the Top Players, there will be no room to improve our own gameplay and most importantly there will be no room to make a “show” off of this game.

You most certainly cannot consider “skill” the part where you chose your weapons and utilities before a game and then are stuck with them for the entire match.

Skill is the part where you switch to a key Utility to save your team from a tight situation (non combat condition granted), skill is allowing EVERY profession to have some sort of mobility to move around the map; consider Necromancers for example, they will be stuck with no swiftness, no worm, no nothing.

Same goes for Guardians, they will have close to no mobility to move around the map, it will make the game boring and snowbally.

There will be no chance of good play comebacks.

The game will start and end before the 8 second timer finishes because the team that got the best set of utilities will win and that’s just ridiculos. The current meta will be around who was the luckiest to counter pick the other team.

Let’s not even talk about teams that will be streaming, they will expose their whole gameplay cause of the simple fact of streaming their utilities. Is this even acceptable?!

Me and many other Top Players are against this new feature, and we all think that we have the right and the duty to prevent this from happening. We play this game more than everyone, we know this game inside out and this new feature is as bad as it can get.

I request that every Top Player that reads to sign this “petition” by replying with their name and a short description of why this new feature is counterproductive for the game.


P.S. GW2 streamers, please use this image on your stream in show of protest against this new feature: http://i.imgur.com/dxJ7x.png

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Just wanted to jump in and say that I’m reading this thread and taking it all in. Keep it civil (don’t get yourselves banned! ) and let those ideas flow.

I know some of you are upset with the change, but really, this is something we were planning for a while. WE MAY NOT LOCK DOWN utilities down the road, so that you can still have some adjustment when out of combat, but at the same time, we do not think weapon swapping mid-match is good for the overall health of the game. Just wanted to remind you we are here, and I am watching the forums, and your ideas are being heard.

Keep it constructive (and really, overall you guys are doing a FANTASTIC JOB OF THIS!), and carry on!