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Arcane abatement dont seem to work at all (tried in the mist vs npc)

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Fire, air and earth work as advertised.

Water has a graphical effect similar to earth, but doesn’t heal. I haven’t had a chance to test condition removal yet.

*edit- it doesn’t seem to be doing anything in water. It doesn’t even trigger my signet of restoration heal the way the other three attunements do.

*edit 2- after some more experience with it, water will go off when your health is bellow full, but it seems to trigger before fall damage is applied and will only heal the amount you were already injured and not the new falling damage.

That makes sense. They probably don’t want you using water to heal off damage from the fall itself. Would essentially make the water version “better” than all other fall traits, because it would reduce damage by more than 50% (through the fact that it would heal off part of the damage taken).

actually…. this is the best healing scenario… if u’r not full health and the fall could kill u… than with how it work now u will survive (reciving the heal before the fall dmg is calculated and so surviving the fall dmg due to your now refilled health poll)… if the heal was applied after the fall dmg than the fall will have killed u and so the after healing would have been useless (if ever hppened)…

This is the intention of why it works this way…