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Have opened 65 chests so far this AM. I hoarded my keys – foolishing expecting some Wintersday items in the regular as well as the Holiday chests. However the major revamp on the chest drops is a nice surprise. Kudos!

However ….

Chests # 2, 3, 10, 21, 47, 48, 57, and 61 gave only 2 rewards. (and I do mean exactly 2 total – no 2 of 1 item and 1 of another as can now happen – In fact I have received 2 un-id Dye and 2 other rewards twice (4 items total.)

That is a 8/65 = 12.3% bug rate ??

Additional observations (not complaints) -

Instant Repair Cannisters so far are always 1 at a time, never 2.

Heavy Bag of Coins is also supposed to have the chance for a 2 drop like Un-Id Dye and Instant Repair, however out of 25 chests that have dropped a Heavy Bag all have been singles.

So are short item Chests now a possibilty or is this a BUG?

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This has been addressed in another thread: